Joyce Yarrow

ASK THE DEAD - Book One in the Jo Epstein mystery series. Private investigator and performance poet, Jo Epstein, untangles a web of money-laundering, kidnapping and murder that extends from New York City to a hurricane-torn island in the Caribbean. Ann Romeo of MurerInk describes this first book in the Jo Epstein series as follows:  “Chock full of terrific NY details, wonderful characters and clever turns of phrase, Joyce Yarrow’s ASK THE DEAD is a masterful debut and a must for fans of Sue Grafton and the Big Apple.”

RUSSIAN RECKONING  - Book two in the Jo Epstein Mystery series. Roped into helping her socially inept émigré stepfather, Nikolai, escape the clutches of a blackmailer, performance poet and private investigator Jo Epstein enters a world where criminals enforce a 19th-century code of honor, threats arrive inside not-so-traditional Matryoshka (nesting) dolls, and fashion models adorn themselves with lewd prison tattoos. From Vladimir Central Prison to the brooding Russian forest, Jo races against the clock to solve crimes committed on two continents.

RIVERS RUN BACK -  Co-authored with Arindam Roy


A saga of love, crime and intertwined destinies, RIVERS RUN BACK is a story of many lives spanning different continents, weaving together a fascinating tapestry. Shankar Chatterjee, born in a wealthy Bengali family, Marilyn Benson, an artistic but emotionally unstable girl struggling to find her balance in New York City, and Narsimha Sastry, a murderer and smuggler, born in a small village in India and despised by the grandparents who raise him.


Into this fray are drawn the beautiful sisters, Padma and Leela, whose lives entangle with Narsimha’s until it becomes a question of life and death. It is a story of the Indian Diaspora, the search for the American dream, and finally a story of diverse cultures connected in such a manner that we realise that what finally does matter are universal, humane principles and values. The book is driven by action and suspense, as well as mythological and psychological themes that intersect and merge at the end.

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ZAHARA AND THE LOST BOOKS OF LIGHT from Adelaide Books in Dec 2020


When Seattle journalist Alienor Crespo travels to Granada to apply for citizenship as a descendant of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492, she uncovers her own family story, along with a hidden treasure trove of medieval Hebrew and Arabic books, saved from the bonfires of the Inquisition. This “Library of Light” is being protected by a secretive group of literary caretakers. Alienor joins their struggle to safeguard the priceless manuscripts from discovery and destruction by a fanatical group devoted to restoring limpieza de sangre, purity of blood, to the Iberian Peninsula. Crespo forms mystical bonds with her female ancestors, both Jewish and Muslim, who once faced the same dark forces aligned against her. What began as a routine, freelance assignment becomes front page news in Spain’s growing confrontation with its troubled past. With a touch of magic realism honoring the mystics of Andalusia, as well as an emerging romance entangled in mystery, this fast-paced novel is rich with conflict and suspense.


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